Treats and Specials


From a treat for yourself, to picking up brunch for the family at home, Easter items are on the shelves and we’re now taking orders, too.

Once again we have a beautiful, and delicious!, array of chocolates, from hollow eggs filled with either 5 or 10 chocolates, to smaller ganache filled eggs, and chocolate bunnies!

Of course we also have a range of pastry, bread, quiche and other bakery items to build out a small but delectable brunch, or add some slices of baguette or buttery brioche as a side to a family dinner.


Our chocolate items are pre packaged and ready for pick up!

3 count colored egg box:  $7.00
8 count colored egg box:  $18.00

Chocolate Crosses: $10. – (White, Milk & Dark)

Easter Bunnies:  $10 – (White, Milk & Dark)
Large Easter Bunnies: $20- (White, Milk & Dark)

Easter Eggs: 
Small egg with 5 chocolates:  $25.00
Large egg with 10 chocolates:   $35.00 (No sheep)

Egg Box with 16 chocolates: $25.00

Bakery items

Hot Cross Buns:     2 pieces:  $3.25   –    6 pieces:  $8.25

Brioche Rolls: 6-piece:  $7.50

Add a little color to your table for dessert!  Our Spring Cakes our back – our vanilla butter cake filled with either raspberry or lemon cremeux, and finished with lightly tinted butter cream.

Spring Cake, slices:  $5.50

Spring Cake, 6”:    $34.00

Spring Cake, 8”:    $42.00