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Easter Specials 


Easter is a time for friends and family gathering in the celebration of their faith.  Let Bakery Nouveau help with your planning of family dinners and celebrations. We’ll have our brioche rolls, hot cross buns, and of course, a range of confections for kids of any age. 
Please note, that except for our solid chocolate bunnies and crosses, our chocolate items are available in-store only. First come, first served. Our other classic and seasonal items area available with a minimum lead time of 2 days.  Both shops will be open regular hours on Good Friday, March 25th, and the following Saturday. We will close at 4 pm on Easter Sunday.

Our Easter Specialties:
Hot Cross Buns:  These are slightly sweet, yeasted rolls with candied fruit and a cross of icing typically served on Good Friday. Our version includes candied orange peel and cranberries and dates with a streusel topping crossed with icing.  According to folklore, sharing a hot cross bun with a friend on Good Friday will keep the friendship strong throughout the year. As ours come by 2 pieces or 6, they are very shareable!

2 pieces:  $2.75
6 pieces:  $7.50

Brioche Rolls:  These are our classic buttery brioche, perfect for family dinners (and breakfast the next day!). They pair very well with a wide range of foods, and also make very good buns for sandwiches!

6 piece Brioche rolls:  $7.00

Chocolate Crosses:  A reminder of the roots of the Christian celebration of Easter, these make a tasteful gift for friends or family who celebrate their faith. 

Milk or Dark Chocolate: $8.00

Easter Bunnies:  With roots going back to traditions of springtime renewal, rabbits or hares eventually became associated with Easter and traditions of hiding confections for children to hunt and find.  Ours come in either creamy milk chocolate or luscious dark chocolate.  Both are suitable for any chocolate aficionado in your life. 

Small Chocolate Bunny:  $8.00

Easter Eggs:  As well as being a symbol of rebirth and renewal, eggs are forbidden as a food during the Catholic celebrations of Lent.  With time, they became a traditional break to the Lenten-fast in parts of Europe. Confectionary eggs came into the traditions as Easter-Egg hunts for children became more popular. Our richly decorated hollow chocolate eggs come filled with either 5 or 10 confections, and we’ll even have a few surprise designs.

Small egg with 5 chocolates:  $23.00
Large egg with 10 chocolates:   $32.00

“Spring” Cake:  A little citrus sunshine for the beginning of spring! The Spring Cake features our rich vanilla butter cake layered with our either our tangy raspberry or our tart lemon crèmeux, finished with our classic vanilla butter cream.  Available by the slice, or by the 6” and 8” whole cake, each one is decorated with colorful sugar flowers.

Spring Cake, slices:  $4.50
Spring Cake, 6”:        $34.00
Spring Cake, 8”:        $38.00

Decorated Mousse Desserts:  Put a little fun into your dessert table! These cool and creamy individual desserts are specially decorated and available through Easter only. 

“Chick” with Passion fruit mousse and chocolate crèmeux: $5.50“
Chicken” with Coconut mousse and mango gelée: $5.50
“Chocolate Bunny” –a specially decorated version of our popular chocolate-raspberry mousse dome: $6.00

As always, be on the lookout for other unique seasonal offerings and specialty eggs. We wish you a happy Easter, and many wonderful memories with family and friends.

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